Saturday, September 9

In Praise of 4 Ply Soft

If I said yummy, yummy, yum, yum, yum well it would be a damn good summery of how I feel.

Let's start with when I bought it. I ripped the yarn out of the bag and gave it a good squeeze. It's so soft. Definitely lives up to its name. It's as squishable as new fallen snow. Only warm and made of wool. And it knit's up fabulously. The four two-plied strands really show the stitch definition. The picture is crap but shows the definition.

Knitting the sock took a bit of practice. I had to rip to the cuff and one of the panels still looks crap. I'm not one for completely ripping so I just fudged it and I'll wear that bit in the back.


Anonymous said...

How about Science , why not post something on that for a change?

Anonymous said...

How about , why not post something on that for a change?