Saturday, October 7

Progress report.

I'd intended, upon my glorious return to university, to finish the finishing on the pattern vest. Only it wouldn’t fit in my first lot of bags and when went home to take it with my second lot of stuff Mum had gutted my room. And two of the things I can’t find now are my knitting and my twelve pack of condoms. I also can’t find my boyfriend who got lost moving in himself last week. (*waves* Miss you!)

I can’t finish the vest. I did finish an Anna I watching The Holy Grail a couple of nights ago. Didn’t blog because of camera battery buggerdness.

Like I said yesterday, I’m knitting a hat to go with my new velvet jacket. It’s actually a better match but the velvet, absorbing more light, didn’t photograph well. It’s a dark green and soft as a freshly killed baby seal (very off colour humour for the sake of any lurking Noggers *waves*)

There will be much knitting.

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