Tuesday, October 17

Virtue may be it's own reward but vice has others

I finally have Virtue done. It's shocking how long it took. I think I may stick to crochet for a bit. I'm a bit blah when it comes to knitting at the moment. Just have to ride it out. As long as I get those socks done for… sometime.

Anyway. I was sat watching Red Dwarf and knitting. Knit, knit, knit, watch, watch, watch. And I started squeaking when, nestled in the episode 'Parallel Universe' in series 2, there was a knitting scene. Bah. How have I never noticed this? Lister is sat knitting (or, more accurately, not knitting) a pink and brown… thing on bamboo by the looks of it. I am yet to find any knitting in Yes Minister, my usual accompaniment.

Pattern: Virtue (from It's A Tape Thing)
Yarn: Rowan Cotton Tape in green.
For: Me
Why: To match my new jacket.
Alterations: None.
Opinion: Lovely look. It is longer than it appears, I was just wearing it in a daft way.

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