Wednesday, January 17

Back to bed

You see what I did?

Well now Christmas is over, and a week before for essays, and a week after for getting back into things and the blog is back. I did have an extremely long picture filled post about my holiday in Northumberland but there when some connection issues involving my PDA and my Dads computer and now it's dead.

So I'm a little disheartened. But then I remembered that this thing is supposed to be about knitting. And I have been knitting. I've primarily been knitting Fragrance which admittedly I bought because it was on sale. Thing is though that I'm a big fan of Kim Hargreaves, both the designer and the company. I can look through her designs (both now and in Rowan books) and see a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles and materials that I can see when I open up my wardrobe. You can ask the ex how I gushed for days after my first order (which I still haven't knit, bad me) and my confirmation email had a PS saying how they could have dropped it in because I was so close.

Fragrance has everything I look for in clothes. It's a jacket and I love jackets, it's fun to knit and I like things that are fun to knit, and it looks fun to wear. I'd like to stick up for bulky knits on big girls. At least ones shaped like me. My favorite cardigan it the whole world was bulky. As long as I don't go over an 8mm needle I think it looks good.

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