Friday, April 13

Floral Friday

So the flower fabric has been turned into things. With some patches left over.

First is the A-Line skirt. Same pattern as the houndstooth bellow. I owe my life to Eithne Farry. Especially as the bag is indebted to her instructions on making a gusset. It was made big enough for knitting. Then I made a pocket on the front. After I'd sewn it up mind. So that was a bitch, not to mention the channels for the knitting needles on the front (made for 5mm and 10mm)

I'm also indebted to Jenny Heart today. I finally bought Sublime Stitching and I want to order at least half the stock off the website (the camping theme would be great for Guides). I'm in the process of reconing a fleece jumper and turning it into shrug so I put a rose on the back of it. My second project shall appear shortly.

Also: seen a ladybird!

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