Thursday, April 26

Something about dieing hard...

Crafts are addictive. Before internet shopping came into my life I had two big addictions, knitting and making jewellery.

Jewelery supplies where mainly bought from The Bead Shop in Manchester. The necklace is the result of my last visit.

Only that's a train ride away, a train ride I make less and less often. So I stopped. But now. But now I can buy bead in Huddersfield. And I have. And so the gloomy earrings were born.

The red bracelet is product of some recycling.

Speaking of recycling. The box is where I'm keeping little bags of seed beads. It was going to have a green heart but I didn't have any green glitter. So I used some red. So instead of being the 'I'm super madly envious' box it's the little box of (slightly morbid) hope. Or something.

The ribbon headband is an adorable project from the craftster book. I have a second one made up for Louise.

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