Thursday, July 17

Long Time

I’ve just moved to Torquay to live with my boyfriend Stephen but before that we where in a long distance relationship. I made this shrine to commemorate our first two weekends together and remind myself what we look like.  The picture is one that he had taken and emailed to me. I printed it off and laminated it for protection and extra shiny. I glued it to a jewellery box that a birthday present came in. The second I saw this I knew it was destined to become a shrine. The red glitter round the edges holds no special significance other than it being red and shiny. 
  • The map and list of the train stops are for the train we used to take, four and a half hours at a time, to reach each other.
  • The hands holding in the top are from a young persons rail card application form.
  • The Chimp and the Orangutan are from Chester Zoo which we visited for my birthday.
  • Tiny love hearts are punched out of a Vimto label because he drank Vimto for the first time because of me.
  • That tiny little puppy is one of The 101 Dalmatians which we watched on DVD. 

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