Sunday, August 24

Soap and Stitches

Sometimes, despite all the homesickness and knowing I don’t live alone anymore (and can’t pick my nose when I please), I’m really glad to be in Torquay. Like this morning when I found out I wasn’t working Stephen and I said let’s go to Cockington.

Cockington is home to nice trees, a country park, a playground, a pub and several craft workshops. We check them out quite regularly but this weekend we’ve seen things we never have before.

Yesterday the soap makers where about and Stephen got me some peppermint and pumice foot soap. I know it sounds like an insulting gift but I wear crocs, walk 45 minutes to get to work and spend my day standing there. I need special industrial strength foot soap.

More out of conventional kindness he bought me a needle book from the embroidery exhibition that they where having this weekend. That’s actually to protect his feet. I also snapped a picture of one of the pieces on display, a beautiful Celtic knot handbag stitched with variegated cotton in stem stitch. I want to have a go at that.

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