Thursday, August 6

Thrifty Thursday: Renovating

This one has been done for a while now but like any desk it attracted piles of crap the second it was usable. Today I shuffled the crap off it and gave it a quick dust down.

We found the desk one night after I'd left Oxfam and picked Stephen up from work. It had a sign saying 'this is free' on it and we stopped to look. Almost immediately the owners came out to give us it's complete history and to beg us, once more, to take it.

Okay then! It then became my project. First I attacked it with sand paper (Father Christmas, are you listening? I want a bloody belt sander this year! My arms ached for days) then I touched up the varnish and gave the side panels and the inside some of this cute wallpaper.

It's my desk. I had grand visions of settling the household accounts on them. Reckoning up the bills, paying the scullery maid. But even if we had a scullery maid Stephen would be in charge of paying her. He can actually tell numbers apart.

So I use it for two things, Guide programme planning and book storage. Both of which are fine by me. Especially with my big stack of adventure 100 booklets on it!

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