Wednesday, September 16

Malnutrition, outdated medical care, babies, lack of sanitation: a diet that finally works.

When comparing the 1940's to today:

  • ' So why are we getting taller? It's partly down to nutrition - a better and more plentiful diet'
  • 'Now, with warmer homes, better medicine and improved sanitation, our energy - significantly in childhood - can be devoted to growth.'
  • 'women in 1949 were slimmer because their diet centred on vegetables and complex carbohydrates' and of course rationing that 'allowed about 3,000 calories a day' if you could get that much.
  • 'post-war women also expended many more calories through housework and having to walk or cycle everywhere.' Drudgery! It was good for you!
  • 'There is a tendency for the Pill to stimulate breast growth,' whore.
  • Hips aren't wide enough because 'if a woman's hormone levels are unbalanced she ends up storing more fat around the waist and less around the hips where we should' ie it's the pill's fault you whore.
  • 'Women's feet can change a whole size in their lifetime with weight gain.'

Yes, it's a badly researched comparison that quote experts in seemingly unrelated fields but the conclusion is clear. Life was better when we had nowt to eat and fewer choices. Now who wants to give up the last 60 years of progress - in the UK at least - in modern medicine, access to food, and human rights? Anyone?

You may get thinner!

And at the end of the day longevity isn't a good thing because an ageing female population is prone to Osteoporosis which costs the NHS money.

Also, and I hated to break it to you, 'Bigger breasts alone don't necessarily mean an increased risk of breast cancer' actually translates to 'I know you weren't worrying about it and you have no reason to but perhaps you should'. So fellow Bravissimo shopper... we're doomed.

Quotes taken out of the appalling context given to it by the Daily Mail.

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