Friday, September 25

Things I wish I was doing

I feel like I've been punched in the head. Not that I can remember what that feels like. I'm just assuming that it feels something like the brain aching, blocked up feeling I'm having right now.

I have another bloody cold and have spent all week either tearfully exhausted or surviving on a bizarre blend of Hall's Soothers, spicy crisps, chocolate and pouting at boyfriend.

What I'm trying to say is that this isn't the most interesting blog post in the world, ever. In fact, it's about things that I'm not doing. So take that as some sort of sign.

Oxfam are up to something. Well, I mean, they are always up to something, they are a busy organisation. Anyway. They are asking for people to fund raise. In the office, school, wherever you happen to be. It's to help fund climate change projects.

They offer such ideas as denim day, collecting 1p and 2p coins and, awesomely, baking. Unfortunately I'm already spending my October fund raising for something else and I don't have an office to force to participate. But if you would and could like to give it a bash you can find the info here.

Also in October is World Food Day and people are needed to Stand Against Poverty. So if you are into raising awareness and know a few like minded people why not hold an event. We'll be participating with Guides but it will have to be the Monday after for us.

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