Thursday, December 3

So where have I been...

I had a busy vegan MoFo that involved badly spraining my ankle, then I got so sick I couldn't stand, travelled to see my Dad and Gran, got sick again, travelled down to London, lost my train tickets home* and came back to Torquay.

Luck wise and health wise I haven't had the best year really. But one more month - in which will probably loose my debit card and my house keys - and we can start again.

However it hasn't all been bad. I'm now a trained In4mer and I'm hoping to be able to start running sessions in the area some time after Christmas. I'm on the list to do PR for a district event which sets to be all sort of fun. I got to see some of my Family (last minute trip so I didn't make it around even half of the people I wanted to see!)

Oh yeah, and I got to go to Edinburgh! This is me (shock!) on top of the Camera Obscura with the 11th Torquay Brownie Mascots. It was a great weekend and big thanks go to my Guiding community, family and friends who made it possible.

To quickly recap the weekend we had a Castle visit where I got to look at the crown jewels, an open top bus ride which was freezing but very entertaining, a ball with less than brilliant food but an excellent band and a great deal of dancing and I got to verify that one man wore his kilt in the traditional manor. As you can probably tell by the picture it was cold and overcast but the city was brilliant and the company even better.

*The current leading theory is that they were taken out of my coat pocket so if you are the person who got a free trip to Torquay two weekends ago then I apologise. If you had just asked me I could have told you that it isn't worth it.

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