Tuesday, January 5

But of course it doesn't matter to me...

Trying to find a way of saying this without sounding patronising and stuck up is harder than I thought. But the trigger for this post concerned my family. So please forgive me if I seem like I know best. I know I don't. But I still want it for those I love.

We got a Wii Fit for Christmas. I've wanted one ever since they first came out.

And I'm a sensible girl. I know BMI is bullshit. I know I don't want to loose weight. I know that loosing weight is a bad goal. I know I want to exercise because I like it and I miss being more active and I can't rely on running because of my ankle... and so on.

I'm a good girl. I do it right. I know better than to be affected by being told my BMI or the little mii getting fatter and... well no. Because my BMI is 'normal', middle of normal at that. My Mii is neither skinny nor plump. I know better than that yeah but even if I didn't it wouldn't matter. I don't have to deal with a computer game shaming me.

I'm a good girl. The Wii said so. My Doctor said so. I'm ignoring compliments and I'm betting that it is much harder to ignore the insults.

But that is not true with everyone in my life. Waif like boyfriend, large Father. Each being told they are wrong (guess which one more than the other!)

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