Sunday, February 26

Bleeding fingers are so totally goth

When I was first learning how to knit, buying my first needles and my first yarn I stumbled on Yorkshire Tweed. It was love at first sight. It was the reason I moved to Huddersfield. All right, not really, but I loved it, I did.

But off I went with my blood red acrylic and learnt how to knit.

Back in Heywood there was no Rowan. Two busses separated me from its glory. So off I went knitting patters from Stitch and Bitch in Sirdar. When I got back to Ramsbottom I knew I had to knit something from A Yorkshire Fable.

So what? Something small because that's all I could afford. A hat. Mist. Stripes, not fairisle, cost again, but with that mini stripe on the bottom from the fairisle version. No bobble!

It was three balls of 4 ply and two pairs of passed on needles. Not overly exciting. I knit it from around Easter last year, through exams, and cast off on an awful summer holiday. I finished it yesterday. It remains unblocked and slightly short.

So then I promised myself. Never. Ever. Something. On. Small. Needles. Again.

But promises are made to be broken and Kim Hargreaves was born to enable this. Meet Shimmer. In Black.

To add insult to injury they were so lovely to order from that I will have to buy something else. Damn. So Temptation or Forest Fruits?

The hat will be stuck in it's box until I manage to finish an Airy Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. It's not for me. This is why it's pink. A better picture will come with the morning. Probably.

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