Monday, February 27

Stroke the goat

As part of a two part gift I've been knitting the Airy Scarf from Last-Minuet Knitted Gifts in short spurts over the weekend. It's done! Ish.

I realised half way through that I'd made my own bastardised eyelet pattern (K2tog, yo, k for some reason) but I couldn't be arsed starting over.

It's a bit scruffier then I intended but apart from that I'm quite pleased with it.

It was knit blissfully without a nod to tension on 6mm needles, cast on an off in 8mm. The shade of the Kidsilk Haze is the nightmarish 606. I have ideas about using the rest for an embroidery project or several.

The best part is I have a ball of black waiting for a second Airy Scarf. One for me. Hopefully.

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