Monday, March 6

Of Goats and Jazz


I became aware of the need for a small, portable, simple pre-lecture project. Also I need to learn how to make socks and stop drooling over the Petticoat Socks from Weekend Knitting which I've finally bought a copy of.

I'm starting with the Solid Jazz Socks in some stash wool. For my boyfriend. Who has no radiator and holes in his other pairs.

And yes, this was supposed to be the secret project.

The Diary of Monty: Day One, Monty does Huddersfield

Monty is a goat and Monty is on holiday. He's spending two weeks in the north so his bestest friend can get some essays done and so I have someone to look after me. Today we went to a lecture. Yay!

Monty helped with some reading and kept track of some rows for me. The lecture was about narrative and ideology. There was much Kenneth Branagh. Monty disapproves of Kenneth Branagh. Now Monty is pouting.


Anonymous said...

Kenneth Branagh? Bah! What sort of madness are you subjecting my poor goat to?

ardchoille said...

Goats do not have names like 'Monty'. Goats have names like 'Cadwallader' or 'Episnavius'. This is because all goats look like mediaeval clerics.

I would like to know whether this alleged 'Monty' is an upper-class goat or a lower-class goat. I need to decide whether to report you to the Caprine Benevolence Association or the Goat Protection Society.

Stary said...

Monty is a Marxist… so upper class goat. Also Kenneth Branagh > Ryan Adams