Tuesday, March 7

World's first sock

I'm about to act like the first person in the world to attempt to knit a pair of socks. I'm really finding all this terribly exciting. And I just said terribly exciting. Great.

See that black line? Yeah, isn't she great. That's where the heel will go. You know, the heel. Yeah. The exciting bit.

Anyway. Knitting has been put down until four tomorrow. An essay is due.

No Crochet either. Even if my Happy Hooker just came. Thank you lovely Amazon people.

Diary of Monty: Monty does Student Porn

Monty has been very busy. Today Monty learned to work Avid. He took the register in the video workshop and recorded a voice over.

Monty likes introduction to video production, even if that shower got in the way.

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Laura said...

Hello Stary! This is Laura, from Affiknitty and the Cover Your Head knitalong. Just dropping in to say hello and that I think your blog is marvelous. I feel as if I can hear you saying these things, in spite of the fact that I have never once heard your voice. It's a mystery.