Friday, March 10

I Made A Squarcle!

So crochet eh?

Let me tell you about needle crafts in my family. My Nan can sew just about anything. My Grandma did both knitting and crochet, now does neither out of interest and arthritis. Her daughters, like my Nan’s daughters learned both. Only my Mum carried on knitting but stopped when I was seven.

I’m not overly worried about these dieing traditions. Really. I’m glad that girls aren’t made to learn these things anymore. This generation, my generation is thankfully different. I learned to knit when I was old enough to buy the wool and needles. Mum helped once she knew I was serious. I taught my brother, but he preferred French knitting as did my cousin Kelsie when I taught her. Instant gratification and easy for a family of clumsy children (I was 17 before I developed motor skills of any description) We craft because we enjoy it. And we do enjoy it.

So currently I cross stitch, I can embroider, and, of course, I knit. But I’ve been meaning to learn crochet since I learned I could knit. With no one around me remembering I thought I’d wait for the Stitch ‘n Bitch book (and be a bandwagon jumper, yay!). I tried a square but got bored and went for a circle instead. Will probably use it for washing up

Diary of Monty: Monty Does Manchester

Yesterday Monty was so tired after helping me with my essay that he just had a coffee down at the Student Union. Monty thought it was yummy.Today we went shopping Monty fondled some cashmere jumpers. He tried to get me to try one on. I was rather suspicious of this. We had some drinks in M&S. Monty posed for some pictures for my Mum, who pretends not to be as strange as I am.

When we’d been in enough shops it was time to go home. On our way back Monty posed in front of the big wheel, the triangle, and Urbis.

Gawd bless Manchester.

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