Saturday, March 11

All Tied Up

Pattern: Umbilical Cord Hat (Stitch ‘n Bitch)

Yarn: Sirdar Tiny Tots DK in Oatmeal

For: Mum’s friend’s daughter’s kid-to-be

Why: Don’t ask.

Alterations: I got bored and only knit for four and a half inches before starting my decreases.

Opinion: Dull but fast. Love the yarn. Apparently it’s cute. Will not make a big version for my mother. Will not. Not at all. No. Knit it yourself. No.

Along with the Airy Scarf this is a two part maternity gift for my Mum’s… you know. I though I’d best do mother/child gifts so she doesn’t feel all rejected in the fuss of New Baby, Wow! And because I like mohair. And she’s less likely to spit up on it.

Diary of Monty: Cashmere Meet Angora

No my Bunny isn’t an Angora bunny but Monty isn’t a real goat. Monty met Watson today. Hi Watson. Watson lives with my Dad who we went to see today. Monty had fun and was secretly analysing my Dad to report back to Tom.

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