Sunday, April 2

Two Down, Procrastinating to go…

I'm back from my self imposed blogging exile. Sorry I don't mention it but essays have a way of creeping up on you. Or me. Just me? Don't look like you're so bleeding innocent.

And Knitting? Well I've knit the Yoke Vest from Loop-d-loop so many times the book is starting to live up to it's name (it would do even more if it was called Accidentally Snapping Stitch Markers and Occasionally Flinging Them Across Your Boyfriend's Bedroom As He Sleeps, In The Dark, Never To See Them Again, although I admit that is far too long winded) I'm using the discontinued Rowan Polar which I snagged from the clearance section of Stash. It's a darky purple. I know, I keep knitting in colour but it's a gothish shade and you know… please don't take away my goth card!

Crochet? Well I made a Garden Scarf using Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran, which is also available from Stash. It's lovely, soft, the colours are like jewels, and it's relatively inexpensive. For the scarf I should have used something able to keep it's shape better but I'm thinking mittens, hats, bags. Never too early to start doing coordinating winter accessories, I'm thinking one red/black, one purple/black one black/black.

Monty? He's back home in London but not before sampling the snow in my Aunt's front garden. I stayed with him in london where we went to watch Tom do his radio show.

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