Sunday, April 16

Takeing it one twist at a time (and enjoying it)

There is a point when I’m writing where I have no enthusiasm for it. Sure, I have enthusiasm for the idea, the story, the subject but I don’t really feel the need to put it down on to paper. To make those words real. This happens to me for the first one hundred words or so. In knitting it’s until I get through the first couple of repeats or until the pattern is easily seen in the work.

I got to that point last night with my vest and fell, as I did with the back at the same point, in love with it again. I can see my progress and the rows seem to be shorter. The only thing keeping me from going further than what you see in the picture is my eyes. They had a problem keeping open.

Now I wonder what the knitting equivalent is to my writing ‘wall’ around 700 words?

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