Saturday, April 15

Fit for a Regent… eventually

Well I didn’t actually get as much knitting time in as I wanted. The pills made me drowsier than I thought they would and the lace pattern on the Summer Lace Anklets isn’t easy for me to memorise (possibly because I’m reasoning it isn’t worthwhile to learn as I’ll do 16 repeats for the pair)

I started them in a DK weight cotton but I couldn’t see the pattern at all. I slipped in a quick wool shop visit and picked up some purple Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply after reasoning the red was too bright and the green was not going to go with much. I love Yorkshire Tweed. I do. I’ll use the black for the foot.

The patterned vest is not inspiring me right now I got through one cable repeat. That’s seven rows. Seven rows in two months. I lied a bit in the progress bar to make me feel better. Will hopefully meet that tonight because I need some mindless knitting for the new Doctor Who. Yay!

And the significance of Regent Street? None actually. Really. I just like the word Regent or Regency, it’s Regenty.

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