Saturday, April 8

Personally, it’s the legs and the arms I feel sorry for…

Yay! Only the heel left and my boyfriend will have a nice green pair of hand knit socks. Now I want some. Only ankle socks. So on Thursday night I was browsing Get Knitted and found these three patterns. Which came this morning with a lolly (and a pen but) Okay… so two of them aren’t ankle socks but spiders, and lace! I really need new ankle socks (getting blisters after loosing my last pair) so I may, if I can get the wool and the needles, start them on the train down to London next week. Fingers crossed.

I know I said that I’d take my Yoke vest with me when I came home on Thursday but those progress bars have guilted me into picking up my patterned vest. As soon as I’m done with the heel I’ll get to work on that and I have plenty of knitting time this weekend. House sitting until Wednesday and then a train to London. And new travel sickness pills!

Well considering this post is short on pictures have a gratuitous elephant shot from Chester Zoo this Thursday.

P.S I'm going London next week.

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