Wednesday, April 5

Green Goats and Hamsters

Did you notice? On the pictures of Monty? He was wearing something. A goat cosy? No, a wrist warmer…

I was up late a few nights before Valentines Day and decided to knit it for Tom. I was going to do a big purled 'T' but I went for something more personal. A green goat. Look, I didn't intend for it to be so satanic looking.

Well it didn't fit. I knew I should only fall for men with girly proportions. Strangely Tom still wore it and even showed it to his Mum. She, no doubt thinks I'm a. a Satanist and b. a bad knitter. Much like my mother, in fact.

I've finally got around to knitting a fitting one. It looks like this (only without the needle coming out of the top)

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