Tuesday, April 4

Warts and all

My last project was an attempt to tidy up my stockinet stitch, for the most part I succeeded. Looking at the Yoke Vest though that all seems to have fallen apart.

My hands got used to working the knit so the parts worked straight are, as you can see by the picture, disturbingly crooked. I thought I'd decide tomorrow if I was going to frog it and do that part again or not but looking at the pictures now I'll definitely have to. Ahh well. Truth be told I'm not happy with my yoke or my collar. I could have ignored it if it was just that but… no point in letting a good learning experience go to waste. Or a lovely top like that sit in my wardrobe because someone may point out the faults.

I'll take it home at the weekend and concentrate on the socks until then. I miss the DPNs.

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Shannon said...

Good to meet you! Its not ripping off my blog, no worries, I look forward to reading about a kindred spirit ;)