Wednesday, June 21

Round and round and up and down

The Apology

Damn it.


Just been a little hectic lately.

I've finished my essay, done exams, got results, had an aunt be diagnosed with terminal cancer, had her live longer than the two months they gave her and start treatment, had an uncle die of a heart attack, had a big fight with my boyfriend (alright so it was only a tickle fight), interviewed for a job, got a job, had a review put on the F-word (yay!), and met vast amounts of people who are important to me despite the fact that we have never met.

But all that's just an excuse, I haven't been knitting.

The Knitting

I decided not to go on with any of my old projects. The bars will be moved into a UFO box until I feel differently.

Instead I'm doing the cabled Gaiter from One Skine which is almost done. Basically I thought that I needed to do something for that button besides it will keep my neck from burning when I wear a low cut top. It's in a black Yorkshire Tweed DK.

As I type (not exactly, don't be silly) I'm doing the 200-and-odd chain stitch from the Sweet Pea Shawl from The Happy Hooker. In some black-aran-lost-ball-band stuff. It will be both Gothy and suitable enough to wear to see Tom. Who is at home now, like me, so visiting includes parents.

Pictures as soon as.

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