Friday, June 23

Gaiters and Sweet Peas nestled on a bed of pattern books and knickers, sir

There's the Gaiter. All done. Only. Well. I didn't think it was possible but I overestimated how fat my neck was. Or neglected to check tension. I'll hand in my Kniting Card shall I? I'm hoping the length will be reduced and the height increased by some creative blocking. Which I'd like to do with the aid of blocking pins. Only I don't have any. Any suggestion for UK blocking goodness?

There's the Sweet Pea Shawl. I haven't done the first row of shells yet. But it's getting there. Just slowly. Alright I'll hand in my Crochet Card.

And finally we come to the knickers. They haven't been worn so don't pull your face. Oh. You mean the white bit. But it's cow print. Fine. Have it your way. I'll hand in the damn Goth Card too.

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