Monday, July 24

Buying for a passive aggressive: knitting things

I lost my digital camera so I don’t have any knitting news right now. By lost I mean it’s in one of three places it’s just hard to narrow down. But I’ve updated the bars.

So you don’t get too board I’m going to do a post that was requested a while ago.

I’m fine with one ball of wool, really. I can find tiny things to make. Two would come in useful for sock wool.

Colour wise, in case you haven’t noticed the type of colours I’ve been wearing since I met you, I like black, dark purple (think amethyst), dark red (think the colour of your blood if you buy me the wrong thing), dark green (gothhobbit), and dark blue but not navy.

If you need more guidance I really, really like Kidsilk Haze which can be bought from these nice people here.

Away from wool pretty, pretty things to store double pointed needles, circular needles or crochet hooks. Although those are more ‘I’m celebrating coming into large amounts of money gifts’ and are placed in this list in case I win the lottery. This is cute though.

The best knitting gift you can give me is to ask about my projects, not roll your eyes too much, encourage me to buy more wool, and say ‘yes but you can beat me up’ next time I get called the housewife. Much like you do now, except that last bit but you know I could.

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