Friday, August 25

Going Away

I'm off. For the weekend. Camping in Wales. My Dad and I are going with my uncle Mick and his friends. I consider it cheating that my Dad wants to take camp beds, they are taking full size blow up beds and a fridge freezer.

The place we are going to is called Bala. It's famous for stocking knitting but as the wool for my Anna Socks hasn't come I'll be working on my patterned vest, shown above in my Tool Tote.

Four days, four books. Two read before but need a second glance. A Handful of Dust and Brideshead Revisited my bestest and worst Waugh respectively. Camouflage and Fudoki are my new books (new to me at least) bought for the occasion. I accidentally read half of Camouflage last night. Oops

The plan is up Snowden and lots of messing around the camp site. I doubt a visit to the place Collinette grows will be an option but there are craft shops in town as well as t-shirts to buy.

To my fellow countrymen have a great bank holiday weekend and to everyone else have a great whatever you call the next four days.


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