Thursday, August 24

Black Pants, White Fluff

So my Mum's friend's daughter gets pregnant. She's around nineteen (I mention this because she's around my age I have nothing against teenage mothers) I met her once. I knit the baby a hat and the mother a scarf. Then the question comes.

'If they buy the wool will you make them a baby cardigan?'

Sure, why not. Well I get given three balls of the white stuff no pattern, no buttons. So I use one of my Mum's old baby jumper patterns. But it's summer and they want the baby to wear it home they want a cardigan.

Without buttons I start improvising from one of my Mum's cardigan patterns. Never mind that it's thick as anything and nowhere near summer appropriate. This is what I have so far.

She was induced yesterday. Good Luck. Even if this cardigan wants me to knit condom cosies. Yeah, like I'm getting any.

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