Tuesday, August 22

The Swag Post

This post is dedicated to all the books in the world. I have a Library Thing now. Down a bit, there you go. It should come in more useful once I put my non-fiction in it and term starts. The way it works now My unread/being read fiction is above my bed, the cook books are at my Mum's (the place I cook), knitting patterns and craft books at my Grans, and the majority of my non-fiction and the fiction I have read lives at my Dads with my kids books.

So having some sort of inventory would be useful. Especially when my course books, cookbooks, and unread books move back over the Pennines with me.

This post is also dedicated to me. As much as I have come to the realisation that I shouldn't lie about my size (12/14 on bottom 14/16 on top) because I'm supposed to be skinny, I've also come to the realisation that I'm young. I really don't support anyone dressing 'old'. I'd rather people where what they want and what makes them happy. So in the name of getting me more fun, home made clothing I ordered Yeah I Made It Myself and Generation T. Never being on to shy away from the clichéd and tacky in the first place.

Yeah I Made It Myself was bought to give me a better grounding in the sewing world. I can do it but not very straight and I've never used my sewing machine. Tried it once, thought it was broke and got too sacred to do anything with it. Seeing as I wanted to start with something more than a small backstitch only project but not wrestle with the machine I was hoping there would be more than just how to backstitch. Well there was how to tack. The projects are lovely and the prose sets the right tone. There are also some basic knit projects. Arm warmers, collars, scarves. Fantastic. I have two young cousins that may like this one. I love it.

Generation T is trendy as fuck. I can barely read the little tit-bits and introductions. It's just too much. The projects range from Flashdance flashbacks to a gorgeous wedding dress (yes made out of t-shirts, yes it's really gorgeous, really very). Looking through the projects is like being at a shop. One person will not look good in all the designs but there will be a design that will look good on you. More than one. Clichéd and tacky, yes. Fun, definitely. Some of the projects are no sew which I'm neither for or against. The book does have what I was looking for. The most comprehensive list of practical hand stitches I've seen.

[edit]Measurements are unhelpful in both 'Yeah…' has dreadful pictures. Imagination needed.[/edit]

Also in the pictures is half of my camping reading as well as a beautiful hairgrip Louise sent me. Thank you.

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