Friday, September 29

Being Grumpy and Being Woolly

Being back at uni isn't inspiring knitting. Inspiring me to skewer people taking English Literature degrees who think only elitist twats study literature and we should be looking at the Spice Girls instead (no really, that's what she said) So let's examine logic here, if the only reason for studying literature is social climbing and not never ever enjoyment what does that make her? There is nothing stopping her from studying popular culture.

What is it with people who don't like to read deciding to read Literature at University? If you want a glory degree English Literature at Huddersfield ain't going to turn many heads.

Yarn Porn Friday is a bit of a bust I'm afraid. I got a poorly tummy and frankly I'm just shattered. All I want to do is lie in bed and watch TV. But I don't have a TV. Anyway here's some Kureyon.


KnitMongrel said...

I think the Kureyon is delicious... and your story about the Lit girl turned my stomach. Spice girls? I'm continually depressed at the lack of interest most people have in really good lit these days. So sad. Well, happy YPF anyway! :)

Stary said...

Meh I have no problem with those who don't want to recreationally read classics. In fact I think it's rather important to study the Spice Girls. They had a big impact on our society.

I mean I don't like paintings, chemistry or psychology. But I'm not complaining about how boring my art/chemistry/psychology degree is and how everyone who does it is a snob.

Each to their own.

turtlegirl76 said...

mmm...Kureyon. I'll not think about the Spice Girls. But the Kureyon - oh yeah.

Cheesy Knit Wit said...

It is not a bust at all! I love the close up of the fibery goodness!

Magatha said...

It great! I can feel that yarn hairiness! You need to get well soon because National Black Month starts on Sunday! (I'm kidding, but hey let's all get our toenails up in black polish anyway for the Halloween time!)

cpurl17 said...

Kureyon is always good! Hope you get some good rest over the weekend and forget about lame people in school