Monday, September 25

Embrace the Black

The reaction to my Yarn Porn Friday post was just brilliant. I moved last week and I just got the internet up in time to post it so I was a bit stressful. Add to that that I dislike wearing stuff made from variegated yarns and I'm don't exactly have a gourmet selection. And the debt that I'm going to be in for the next few weeks, don't forget the debt.

I'm glad you all like it anyhow.

Now I hope you don't think I'm calling myself an expert here, far from it, but I have had a lot of opportunity for trial and error. And on that note I'd like to offer the following suggestions for taking pictures in black.

1. Be aware of the difference in contrast between your view screen/finder and the picture. Mine is a tad lighter on the screen so I aim for a slightly washed out looking shot.

2. If you have a brightness feature it may help you pick up the detail better if you knock it down a few pegs.

3. Natural light. Or as close as possible. A bright sunny day helps but if it's natural you'll be able to get a better idea of colour and detail.

4. If you are going close up make sure you don't block the light. Use the macro feature.

As a big fan of any sort of gimmick I do love the thick/thin squiggly effect thingy although I don't know what a scribbly-gum tree looks like. I would say hi to Birstall but I'm at a loss as to what it is. The town in Leicestershire?

The sock still continues charming.

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Sarah said...

Good hints at black photos.

I've found that really trial and error and taking WAY more pics than I need helps immensely! And the natural light. Totally about the natural light.