Thursday, September 14

Keeping things simple

My progress bars haven't been moving lately. Mainly because there are two socks so knitting one is 50% and because they are long 25% occurs after 20cms. And then there's Icarus. I'm too self-conscious to blog about it yet.

I also have TV knitting, for late at night or early in the morning when my concentration isn't great. A project where a dropped stitch can be easily fixed is the aim, so garter, stockinette, rib, or a very basic cable is fantastic. Especially when I wake in the night scratching my eczema. Need to sit and wake up to avoid scratching in my sleep and keep my hands busy to keep me from scratching while awake.

My current TV knitting is the finishing for my patterned vest. I picked up the armhole watching Red Dwarf and knit it during Newsnight. I'm back on the vest because I finished a Hot Head hat for my Dad. He's been asking for a hat for ages.

Pattern: Hot Head (Stitch 'n Bitch)
Yarn: Rowan's Yorkshire Tweed Chunky in some brown colour or other
Ya What: 12sts*16rows, 100m, 100g, 100% wool, Lot 19GA [Note to Dad: hand wash and dry flat!]
For: Dad
Why: He asked… oh a year ago?
Alterations: Fudged to make up for the gauge difference.
Opinion: I want one, me! It's such a great length and looks adorable with the brim up.

Modelled pic will hopefully comes when I give it him… and if it fits.

I have a wonderful new book. The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. I bought it because I have a reoccurring brain fart when it comes to M1. Can not remember it. So I thought I could use a little reference book to pop in my bag. It's so wonderful. I compulsively read it cover to cover.

The book contains tips for the new knitter. It takes you through all the cast-ons, bind-offs, your knits and your purls. Everything a beginner needs. Of course it's much more than that. It offers tips for worming, starting lace, toe up socks, colour work, washing… well everything that an experienced knitter wants to ask to0. There is also a great resource section it the back.

Anyway, it's fantastic

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