Monday, November 6

The Season of Colour

Do you remember the Kureyon I put in this YPF post? It's now a scarf. Edgar from the Fall 2005 Knitty.

I finished it yesterday morning and have worn it, as often as possible, since then. It's a little hard but I don't find it itchy. Although you can practically wash my skin with a brillo pad before I find something scratchy. Providing it's not my eczema. Plus it has a nice spongy feel. You know, when you squeeze it and it seems to bounce back.

Not that I'm in love with Kureyon. I'm mostly indifferent. I can see that it would annoy me if it was anything bigger than a cravat and the colours combinations, although excellent in concept, are too unpredictable (green, what the fuck? How did you get in here?)

Pattern: Edgar (from Knitty
Yarn: Some form of Kureyon
For: Me
Why: It's bloody cold!
Alterations: None.
Opinion: Great. Warm without being too strangling. I hate tight things against my neck.

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