Sunday, August 31

If I only looked good in a beehive

I knew when I put this outfit together that it was a bit odd. For some reason I elected to look a little odd. Throwing together my black shirt which I use to look smart, the shrug/booby holder I use to look a bit more bohemian and a skirt I just reconstructed to look a bit industrial/Bet Lynch/punk is not the most sane idea I’ve ever had.

But them I don’t think the skirt was a sane idea either. At work I dropped some bleach on my trousers, my first insane move. Then I thought I’d convert them into a skirt to save money. Which involved putting on leopard print ruffles so I had to go out and buy leopard print fabric. At £6 for one meter, to save money.

No it doesn’t make sense but it’s a lovely skirt. Photos by Stephen in Armada Park.

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