Wednesday, September 3

Like anyone would ask me for advice…

“Dear Auntie Clare,

I love all the wonderful things that people find in thrift shops but I go into my local shop and… it smells, it smells of stale musty old clothes and meat and potato pies. How can I get gorgeous second hand clothes?


“Dear Auntie Clare,

I’m in need of something specific although I just don’t have time to shop for it. A pair of size 12 jeans. I can’t afford organic but I know I should do something to help the environment so I figured charity shop was the way to go. If they aren’t there next week I’m going to go to New Look!

Hippy in a Hurry”

“Dear Auntie Clare,

I’m new at this goth game. What the hell? All the websites say to check second hand stuff but the charity shops near me don’t get any black in ‘til autumn. Don’t say I have to go back to orange.

Randomly Made up Person”

Actually none of them are made up. They are all me at some point in time. I’m quite lucky where I live now but in the past I haven’t had the decent location, or the will power to go into the same stinky shop week after week for one excellent find. I do currently get my pick of a nice selection of non-stinky charity shops.

I volunteer with one. I’m working with Oxfam at the moment to put some of their stock online. Very decent stuff. Not shabby at all. To demonstrate I have stolen some pictures. These are the links to the items so if they are broken then they are sold. A Wedding Dress, a goth top and cute pink t-shirt (I photographed that one) 

Sure you have to wade through some tat and some volunteers are better at listing and taking pictures than others but there is some fantastic stuff up with more to come. As the site hasn’t been shown round the press yet a host of improvements are expected in the next few months. Anyway, I really believe in this project so please check it out. 

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