Monday, September 8

Minor reconstruction works

The first project has been sitting about for a bit. Since I left Huddersfield to be exact. In a closing down sale I got incredible discounts on a plain black hoodie and a white t-shirt with a winky face. I knew I wanted to do the white running stitch, I’d fell in love with this simple technique on the streets of Manchester. After I’d decided to put the ‘patch’ on the back I was going to make some kitty ears out of the leftover jersey knit but I moved to Torquay before I had time without my scraps. Photographed last Thursday in the garden.

The second piece is also from that sale however I was using it as a plain black shirt while I still needed one at work. After they upgraded me to a smock I broke out the sewing machine and some ribbon I had bought at another sale to create the Lolita inspired ruffle down the front. I would cite the Japanese shirt that I ripped off but I have forgotten it by now. Photographed this Saturday at St Mary’s Church in Totnes, both by Stephen.

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