Thursday, September 11

I've not got a head for numbers...

“making the creation and possessorship of a good hat possible for any woman with clever fingers” Elizabeth Bowen

Today’s thrifty Thursday wasn’t terribly thrifty ay £14.99. I was, in fact, quite extravagant. But it’s an ancient millinery book. I like hats, I like vintage clothes, I can’t afford hats, I definitely can’t afford vintage hats. So I was thinking the right thoughts.

Oddly enough what attracted me to this book was the introduction by Elizabeth Bowen, mainly because I thought I had something by her in my to be read pile. I was mistaken but my eyes travelled up and I saw the word millinery. Judging by the introduction Bowen should go in my to be read pile.

Aside from the entertaining introduction there are sections on measurements, tools, caps (sectional, not baseball), beret, felt hats, straw hats, turbans and trimmings. There are so many different styles and variations that I felt like jumping up and down with excitement. There is even a section on historical hats for the theatre.

Much has been said about how confusing vintage craft books can be. Not so here, with it’s simple instructions and goal of simplifying and popularising hat making it reads like a slightly more formal stitch and bitch.

All in all £15 well spent.

“Let this book be your guide to the Good Hat.” Elizabeth Bowen

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