Thursday, September 25

It's not funny!

I’m not sure of the story behind these but the instant I saw them I knew that they where a once in a lifetime thrifty find. This is no dress, no book, this is a set of green balls. I’m told the same effect can be achieved with copper underpants but you couldn’t decorate with them. You knew it was going to happen.

The original plan was to paint them purples and then hang them in Stephen’s room but since we have plans, and now a mortgage, for a flat then I guess I’ll put them in another colour and hang them there.

I have no idea if it’s part of a fast food restaurant, a very funky persons home, or a piece of recycled dalekanium but I had to have it. The price, if I remember right was 6.99 from the PDSA shop in Torquay. But where else can you find another one?

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