Friday, September 26

Autumn Bag

I was once one of those people who would never quilt. Never. It's too hard. But then when you leave the wool/bead/fabric Mecca that is the border country of the South Pennines you take what fate throws at you.

Fate threw Sewing the Seeds a patchwork shop. There I've never been mocked for spending too little, or too much and I've been offered hot chocolate. My visits have turned weekly. From there I bought this Monkey Buttons pattern, two fat quarters and a metre and set out to sew the bag.

Of course I'd never quilted before...

  • The instructions where ridiculously confusing. Especially for the gusset. Once I realised it was trying to say make a gusset I was fine but I expect it is written for a quilter making bags not a sewer making quilted thing.
  • I messed up my 1/4 inch. Then I decided to keep it constantly messed up. My bag is a bit stretched but no problem.
  • I didn't trim the excess lining material and wadding before I quilted. So the edges look scruffy.

Intentionally though I did leave out the zip. All in all I'm rather pleased with myself and the bag. Especially with the colours. It's a very Autumn bag even if, on it's d├ębut, the weather was so nice I got to lie on the grass and read until I was almost asleep. That's why this is my favourite season.

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