Thursday, October 2

Garden Paths

Short skirts. Me. Me + short skirt = ?

Ordinarily I keep to above the knee. There are a few reasons why; one is that I really don’t like to wear anything I can’t bend over in and the other is that I can still remember that when I was ten my Mum said I had chicken legs.

There have been lapses in my above the knee rule. I remember trying to sneak out of Tom’s (remember him?) parent’s house without them seeing my dangerously short skirted lolita inspired dress. As I passed through the streets of London one man called me Cinderella but I remained self conscious the entire time. I simultaneously thought my legs looked ugly and was worried by the extra male attention. The dress was a work of art, I hadn’t the confidence for it.

It’s been two years since then and I don’t know what has changed. I actually wanted a short skirt. Shorter skirt, I’m not the type of person that would regularly wear something I couldn’t bend over in. I suppose I feel less ashamed of my appearance, not because it changed at all but because I’m working on the principal that I’d rather live than worry about it.

So when I saw this skirt on the Oxfam racks I was open to it. It is black, it’s slightly ruffley, it’s got lace and unfinished edges. Perfect skirt, even missing an inch or two. £7.99 from Oxfam, picture taken in the front garden by Stephen.

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