Friday, October 3

Small Progress

When I found this pattern on vintage transfer finds I had two thoughts in my head. One was oooooh mini quilt and the other was oooooh cute. So I printed it off and picked up some fat quarters in a British seasideish theme. It thought it fitted the boy bears stripy jacket and… well I live at the British seaside.

I’ve finally finished the embroidery. It’s mostly chain stitch with satin stitch for the jacket and seed stitch instead of flowers on girl bears dress. The flower in her hair is a wonky lazy daisy and some French knots. And yes that appalling handwriting is mine.

Now all that needs to be done is washing, ironing, cutting, patching, quilting and hanging. Check back in about… well you know what I’m like.

1 comment:

Miss 376 said...

Really beautiful, suits the fabric perfectly