Tuesday, May 26

Perfect for halloween in may

A few months ago I made up a little song about how I could feel summer coming. It annoyed boyfriend so I kept singing it.

"Summer's coming, I can feel it"

And I can feel it. That is why I knit myself... a scarf. Okay so it basically got cold enough to wear my woollies for two weeks this past winter. It is a mild climate here and I had a physical job in a freakishly heated place. So I didn't really need a scarf but now.

Now it's a baking south west summer. But I camp and summer is the perfect time for that. And midnight is not the perfect time for nipping out for the loo.

So it's helpful to have the gloves and scarfs by the sleeping bag (I sleep in the hat). When I pull my self out of it in middle of the night, desperate to pee it won't feel so bad.

As a bonus this scarf is so bright anyone can see me coming. Yes the idea for this scarf was conceived staring at a wall of brightly coloured acrylic in the 98p shop. And say what you like about it nothing takes up the colour of freakishly bright orange like acrylic.

It's a ball of black and orange dk weight, 100% acrylic a total of £1.96. Knit in a chevron pattern alternating the colour every other row. I continued until it was boyfriend height (6'1" and a bit) And god is it trashy. I love it.

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