Tuesday, July 21

I need money!

It was a good idea at the time. I was hunting through the Centenary website when I came across the advertisement for Ultimate Edinburgh. They describe it as a glamorous city break and it probably will be with the ball, and castle trip although what I was mostly thinking was that it's in the UK. This makes it cheaper.

I had the money for a deposit in my hands and I'd just sent off a pile of job applications so why not. I had hope.

Now I don't. I still don't have a job but this is an once in a lifetime trip. A once in a hundred years trip. So I'm pulling up my socks and trying to raise money in anyway I can.

Therefore I am proud to announce the launch of my new, first, and probably only jewellery line. The earrings are £4 a pair. If you want something in a different colour or a matching necklace bracelet or handbag it can be done. Just let me know.

Chandelier earrings hanging from a beautiful silver central piece. Beautifully coloured fire polished beads hang delicately down. Available in Blue/Pink and Green/Blue.

Captive bead earrings with various Japanese seed beads hanging from silver rings. Creates a lovely cascading effect. Available in Blue with Purple Finish, Clear with Blue Centre, Red and White with Silver Centre.

Cute dice earrings. Three strands of dice beads and vintage clear crystal beads with aurora borealis effect. Available in Purple/Blue/Black or Green/Blue/White.

Stylish drop earrings. Dramatic double drop red hearts on silver, cute double drop flowers with green fire polished bead on silver, and funky purple glass beads on wire. There is also a string of stylish vintage faceted beads with aurora borealis finish.

And then I ran out of beads! I'm also planning to sell cakes and do a quiz sheet. I'll sit on babies, do a bit of mending, hell I'll even take in ironing. I'm only after money to cover the trip and transport not a ball gown or anything mad and if I manage to make more than I need then it will be put into unit funds.

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