Monday, August 3

Reasons to Run

I want to take up running. Two reasons here. One is that I need something to do, the other is that my Sims run and watching them do it is making me feel guilty.

So I decide to break in my new Library Card with a book about running (for every interest that I have, there is a book on it) and finding that ‘Running for Triathlons’ or ‘Running a Marathon’ are a bit more intense than what I’m after I take out ‘Running made easy’

I should have just handed in my self esteem while I’m at it. The first reason they give for why you need to run is ‘a better body’ okay, some people may be into that, my reason is listed too. No need to get bent out of shape.

Oh yes there is because in the nice green why run section: ‘50% of adults… are overweight or obese’ Okay, so? So what if people are fat, it’s not an illness, it’s not a crime, it doesn’t mean they aren’t fit, it doesn’t mean they don’t run. Luckily though the authors are 100% sure that by reducing your calorie intake and excising you (yes you!) will loose weight.

Bearing in mind that that is a magnificent oversimplification that works in real life as much as… well something that doesn’t work very often I have no interest in loosing weight. I actually, actively don’t want too. I’ve lost weight. I don’t have a job that provides me with a cooked breakfast and pasty money anymore. And oddly, when I did, I was more than happy with my (larger) shape and size.

But now I’ve stopped making beds for a living I’ve stopped getting the exercise. I’m no longer constantly lifting, dragging and carrying. I’m also getting depressed. I can’t stop that, but I can distract myself. I can give myself something to do. I can run.

Luckily there is also a chapter on how running fixes your self esteem and confidence. Considering at the moment it’s taking a prescription, volunteer work and a boyfriend to hold my hand I’m looking forward to that one. Unless it turns out that there isn't a miraculous cure that either...

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