Friday, September 4

A little round up

Because things don't happen to you unless you blog about them I'm going to do a quick round up of the things in my life that don't let me waffle for long enough to get a full blog post out of them but are nevertheless really exciting.

  1. I've been selected to be on staff for Fusion! It's the Fourth of next August and is set to be spectacular. From the website 'Fusion will feature over a thousand of the best outdoor performers from across Europe, with everything from music and dance to circus acts, buskers and theatre performers'. If you are a little girly Guide (girly Guide!) you can start booking places on the 4th January.
  2. If you used to be a little girly Guide (girly Guide!) you can chat with former and current members on Guides Reconnected. I'm on there.
  3. I've got a reviewers copy of Seahorses are Real on it's way. It's 'a haunting tale of love and tragedy'.
  4. I own three copies of The Picture of Dorian Gray already. But I want this one.
  5. One of our Bookcrossing books made it all the way to Italy!

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