Friday, September 4

We got no troubles

So we moved into our flat in October. To go with it we bought a shiny new telly. It had a built in DVD player and freeveiw.

Now let me just say that I'm a big fan of the telly. I love sitting down to watch something. Accompanied by snacks, my duvet, and/or a craft project and it's even better. And at the end of the day (oh dear? Did I just make a bad pun?) my DVD collection is the only thing that makes my infrequent bouts of insomnia bearable.

So the shiny new telly which would be my first telly in four years was a very welcome addition. Only it's broken down bit by bit since we first bought it. First the sound, then the DVD player, now it's refusing to pick up all but the strongest signal.

Sad! But yesterday our shiny new DVD player came so now we can at least watch DVDs and when Stephen gets paid for a project he's working on we'll be able to put the old broken thing out to pasture once and for all. (Side note: how crap does it feel to be unemployed right now?)

So we treated ourselves to a night of chips and DVD's during which I managed to finish embroidering one of our cushion covers. I've been meaning to decorate them to fit in better with our colour scheme since we moved in. I feel guilty about that because they where hand made by Stephen's Mum and, honestly, you can't improve on her sewing. Especially not with my half baked stitches.

I did want to go for an alien theme but Stephen and I could actually agree on an under the sea theme so we went for that. He even obligingly drew the fish. Eventually I'll work on the second cushion.

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