Monday, August 7

Blue Cabled Hamsterjam


My life has become overrun by blue mohair. It skitters across the living room like dust balls. There’s a collection of mohair ‘beads’ by my mothers bed. I’ve ingested it more times than I care to think about. Both my Denise’s and my hands have been dyed blue.

But it’s done. And in a couple of days I’ll have fabric and a finished wrap. Although it was finished by my ten day limit there was no reason too. I’m not going to be able to meet up with Tom this week. Next weekend though. With a new blue wrap. And a slightly sore shoulder.

Carry on

I went to watch the Heywood third team trounce Royton. The third team is where they put those too young or old to play in the first or second team. My fourteen year old cousin is on it.

Rather than be stuck at a cricket match with no knitting I took my patterned vest. But I picked up the wrong make up bag. I brought lipsticks rather than knitting tools. Gah. I ended up using my Mum’s window key as a cable needle. Hay, it worked.

Just getting started

While Tom is away I have the perfect opportunity to make him something small and cute. I want to knit a hamster. I’m basing the body vaguely on the mice in Stitch and Bitch Nation and I have it all worked out. Expect a post where everything goes wrong.

Still must do the ugly baby jacket for the baby (which is also going to be ugly because those things are)

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