Wednesday, August 9

I Knit in a Thousand Colours

Or why my projects aren’t usually black Or I think to much about what I wear

I’m sat here knitting a green vest, looking forward to knitting a dark red wrap yet my blog is written on the basis that I’m a Goth who knits. It may seem like a contradiction (at least a contradiction of the cliché) and it probably is. But because I think too much I’m going to tell you why it is.

When I get dressed (for an event this is not just waking up) I start with a single item or idea. The last time I put too much thought into what I was wearing was meeting my boyfriends parents. I wanted a wrap top. That was it. My grand design. A wrap top. As it was my birthday a week before my Mummy bought me a nice silk one. I bought a necklace that fit the collar shape. I met them in London, which meant travelling, so any more jewellery would have got tangled. I wore flat shoes that I could stuff on top of my bag and my everyday corduroy pants.

My silk wrap top (which I’m wearing in the entry before last) was the main bit. At least in my view. And that is what my knitting is supposed to be; the focal point of the entire outfit. This brings me to my essential rule of dressing. I only allow myself one piece of colour. Alright, that is over dramatic. It’s not a rule, I don’t freak out, but it is what I do. The colour piece is also often the focal point.

So my knitting takes colour. Generally dark. My favourite colours (the vest, Charlotte ) or colours on sale (the wrap). Anyway that’s why


I ordered more stuff from Loop. Needing needles for Charlotte I ordered me some Swallow ones. They’re purple. My preferred needle materials are metal, plastic and casein. I like the smoothness, the cost, the weight of metal, and how light the other two are. Not all at the same time. Also got some cable needles and stitch markers. The stitch markers aren’t for Charlotte though. I broke all my others. I know, silly thing to do.

No that isn’t the summer IK which I didn’t buy for the lace. And I don’t like the Brioche Bodice which I do not want to order this for after I come back from seeing Tom.

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Shannon said...

I knit in a lot of color for the same reason. I'm glad I'm not alone!